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The Citadel

The Citadel

Friends -
Although this recent oil painting is something I am responsible for, I am not able to take credit for the name of its subject matter. Rarely found on maps, locals in south east Utah know this formidable rock formation by the name of 'The Citadel'. And that name could not be more appropriate.

Ignoring that there is a military college in South Carolina named the Citadel, the term brings to mind visions of castles and body armor, bastions and battles. In fact, a citadel is defined as a structure protecting a town, sometimes incorporating a castle. Because of this protective function, a citadel must necessarily be imposing, strong and built to be the last line of defense that could thwart any enemy take-over.

There is no question that 1,000 years ago or so this area was heavily populated. And there is also no question that the long walkway that leads out to the bulb-shaped 'castle' at the end offers an excellent defense. It is about ¼ mile long, making it easy for those in the 'castle' to spot an enemies' approach. Furthermore, it is narrow (about 20-30 feet wide) and a fall of 100+ feet to either side would result in sure death. Finally, there are remnants of an ancient wall that was built to block the path midway down its length. Such a wall would protect the residents from projectiles as they position themselves to stop invaders.

The Citadel is amazing. I have been there 3 times, and I will gladly go again should the opportunity arise.

The original, and/or prints of 'The Citadel' are available for trade for your donation to 'The Esperanza Scholarship fund of LCC' (Lane Community College). Or, if you have a favorite non-profit organization, we can talk about using that instead.

Be well.

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