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Chama Morning

Chama Morning

Friends –

Bob and I just returned from a 10-day anniversary trip, which included a first class 3-day, oil-painting plein air workshop in Durango, Colorado (Thanks again, Lyn Boyer).

I learned so much, but one lesson was the value of becoming an expert by consistent use of specific tools of art. Things like palette colors, brand of pigments, substrate, media, should be selected and used frequently to best understand how to make them work for you. So what I do when I finally get back home? I switch to pastels, try a new type of ground on my hardboard panel, and paint a green scene instead of red rock. Not sure I was successful in my rebellion, but what's done is done.

For all of those switches there really is no defense, other than the fact that our overnight stop in Chama, New Mexico was sweet and worth commemorating. I wanted to paint it while I could still remember the smell of water reeds growing on the river banks, the feel of soft mud beneath my feet, and the golden glow of rising morning sun. Chama. A nice place to rest.

As usual, 'Chama Morning' is available as a thank you for your donation for a worthwhile non-profit.

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