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Cat's Eyes

Cat's Eyes

Bob pointed out to me yesterday that for the first time I had not made a 'cat' gourd to bring with me to the Rotary Show next month. So, I thought I had better fix that - sort of.

As a kid I had a bunch of cat's eye marbles, which I wish I still had now. I understand they are collector's items. I was not a very good marble player, but the Cat Eye concept really caught my imagination. I know that I spent more time making cats out of Play Dough with marble eyes than I did in competitive marbling! They were truly marvelous -- every bit as bewitching as a cat that sits transfixed as birds flutter nearby.

My Cat's Eye Gourd is a nice round, solid gourd. It is decorated with leather dye, acrylic paint, and a bit of clear embossing powder on the eyes to make them just a bit more 'bewitching'. The inside is playground yellow.

Margie Lopez Read