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Cat Nap Dreams

Cat Nap Dreams

Friends –
This is another little painting that I was not intentional in the production of, and therefore was not planning sharing. But it became clear that the painting was loved – mostly for the memory of the event and the subject matter than for the artistry. So, what the heck? I'll share.

Bob and I spent five days last week taking care of a unique personality with the name of Pirlo. He is soft, black and white and communicates his wishes in many charming ways. And he also lives up to his namesake by using fancy footwork with a cat-sized soccer ball.

Most of our time was spent building a tool shed in the back yard, which was another objective for the visit. And most of my time painting was that of applying stain to the cedar wood that was used for the shed. But a point in time arose when the staining was done and I broke out my easel and paints – mindful that plein air season is coming and I need to sharpen my skills.

So in about an hour I painted this little memory of a small and vocal feline of whom I have become quite fond.

It is sold, as you can probably imagine.

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