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California Dreamin'

Negro Bill Canyon

Friends -
I guess you could say that this is my first soft pastel, done solo. I have been blessed to get some training from JC Borders (here in Moab) and also from the incredible Bruce Gomez (of Denver, CO). So, I got hooked and bought a bunch of pastels, and here is the first one that I can offer up for sale. There is a chance I could change it at some point, but for now, I am leaning toward leaving this one just like it is.

I also need to give proper credits to Greg Gearheart, who is the photographer that let me use one of his beautiful shots to interpret with pastels. He took this one near San Juan Bautista, and looking at it made me more than a little nostalgic for my home state. Thus, I figure it is appropriate to name this 'California Dreamin'.

I will sell this painting for the amount that it costs to frame it, plus a donation to Doctor's Without Borders, or another worthwhile nonprofit of your choice.

And also, I will be heading back to California before very long. (sigh)

Best regards -

Margie Lopez Read