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It's BP - This Time
It's BP - This Time

Friends -
This is a rather small little gourd that results from grim thoughts about a very big mess - BP's mess, this time. It depicts a little harbor seal who is innocently sleeping, not realizing the goopy oil slick that is about to hit him. It is also a long-promised gift for a friend of mine who has worked at the Marine Mammal Center Center in Sausalito for many years. He started out as a volunteer, and now I believe he gets paid some modest amount. He and other MMC staff spend their time treating injured and sick sea lions, seals and others. It is all to often that the injuries and illnesses they deal with are the result of urban debris or other human-caused pollution. I don't know if they are helping out with the thousands of fellow mammals that are being dealt lethal blows in the Gulf, but they must be feeling the agony with the horrible news that they receive daily.

Because this is a gift for Stan, it is not for sale. But if you are so inclined, you could donate to the MMC hospital. It is also a facility open to the public at certain times, should you have plans to visit Sausalito. Their website is below:

Think good thoughts.

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