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Using Borrowed Time

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Using Borrowed Time

Friends -

Susan Keale from El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC) requested that I submit one of my pieces with a representation of our earth and I thank her for the wonderful idea. The April art show at EDAC's ArtSpace Gallery on Main Street is bricolage and a whole earth theme -- so here it is: "Using Borrowed Time".

We are as a species, you know, fiercely bent on consumption or destruction of our natural resources and sometimes I worry for my grandkids and their kids. At the same time, I have faith that if we can manage to put aside greed and a quest for power, we have the technology to protect this precious earth. We could keep the earth as good as it is, and maybe even make it better. But in the meantime, we are only using borrowed time.

I finished 'Borrowed Time' last week, and it is on display now at the ArtSpace. The full amount of it's purchase will benefit EDAC, our local non-profit agency dedicated to the arts. See what they do at:

Enjoy this beautiful spring day.

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