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Cedar Mesa is a necessary place. The tribes know what they are doing when they use it for their spiritual connections, medicinal herbs and other ceremonial resources as they have for hundreds of years. They know what they are doing when they unite to preserve the concept of Bears Ears National Monument which they actively participate in protecting.

A few times a year Bob and I visit Bluff and Bears Ears as we did last week. Every time we are rewarded by amazing natural beauty and by what can only be explained as a fleeting connection with generations of kind people. These people whose physical bodies are long gone, still have a presence through a generous spirit that permeates the area. They remind us of the importance of connecting with the earth and learning how to use it without destroying it.

If your heart is respectful and open to good, then you too will feel this connection.

"Bluff" is a 9x12" soft pastel on Wallis paper, which probably best belongs to someone who would like a thank you for a donation to 'Friends of Cedar Mesa'.

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