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Friends –

This is another painting inspired by my recent camping trip in Big Sur. I have been in the California Central Coast untold number of times over the past 60+ years, but this time things were different.

Other visits have included obligations to other people which for me was mostly a family gathering or a day-trip with friends to play in the surf. Also, there were several years I traveled with others to do the Big Sur Marathon. One year I painted at the Carmel Invitational Plein Air. Another couple of times I took part in a conference at Asilomar for my employment as a water quality scientist.

I am not complaining about any of those times -- they were all extremely rewarding.

But this solo venture to Big Sur in October was just for me. I did just what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. And that autonomy of choice so felt good, that I projected that independence onto this painting, "Bliss." I followed no rules. I hope you all like it, but it is OK if you do not. Painting it made my heart sing.

And yes, I will trade this 11x14" on stretched canvas for a donation to a very good cause.