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Better When We're Together

Better When We're Together

Friends -

I believe that there is no type of art more powerful than music. It is potent in its capacity to arouse memories and to create mood and atmosphere. It helps young babies to grow healthy, strong, intelligent minds, and helps heal people that are physically or emotionally ill. Music can and has been used to create drama, spread controversy, influence opinions and to move whole societies to change policies, oppose wars, and help those that need it the most.

Music is also a tool that I invariably use to inspire myself when I am painting in my studio.

The particular song that I kept playing through my IPod and my heart when I was working on this painting is not controversial, nor is it terribly dramatic and powerful. But, 'Better When We're Together' by Jack Johnson, is one happy piece of music that never fails to make me feel warm and close to my grandkids even when they are almost 1300 miles away. So that is why I painted what I did.

I will consider trading 'Better When We're Together' for a good donation to Lane Community College (LCC) Scholarship Foundation, Esperanza Fund which is used by LCC to help adults that otherwise may not be able to afford a college education. Esperanza was also my granddaughter, and the older sister of the two boys, Benjamin and Leonardo, that are the subject of this painting.

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