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Barbara's Bench

Barbara's Bench

This one was a long time coming!  It was in 1994 that we built this memorial bench on a trail above the American River in the little town of Cool, California.  It was during a time when we were all dealing with the shock and broken hearts that followed when my friend, Barbara Schoener was killed by a mountain lion while taking an early morning run.  The bench is strong and solid, and still is just as good a place to sit quietly  as it was when it was built.   Barbara was very fond of daffodils, and the bulbs that were planted herald her spirit every spring when they push out their bright yellow heads.  It remains quite lovely and peaceful there.

I had thought about doing this painting many times, many times.  For whatever reason, it is not until now that I finished it.  I have not decided yet where the original will reside.  But regardless, as soon as it dries, I can have prints made of this oil painting for anyone that would like to have it.

Margie Lopez Read