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Angelitos De Colores

Angelitos De Colores

Friends -

This little gourd is inspired first off by a song recently routed to me... 'Angelitos Negros' by Nana Mouskouri. It is a song directed at classic romance artists who all have painted beautiful little angels -- all of them blond haired and blue eyed. It pleads with them to paint at least one black angel as well, because all childrens' souls are pure and they deserve to be angels as well. That is the gist of it, at least. I expanded the concept a little bit, and made it for little angels of all colors.

I would like the sale of this gourd to go to Willamette Education Services District Grant (WDS Grant) in memory of Paul Casalegno. A dear friend of our family passed away last week and is a family request to have donations made to this grant which benefits special needs children.

May you all be well.

Margie Lopez Read