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Amanda's Rainbow

Amanda's Rainbow

Friends -

I was interested in art from the very beginning and at a young age I would peruse art history books with color plates from famous artists like Michelangelo, Eugene Delacroix and Francisco de Goya. Later in my youth I became more fascinated by famous muralists like Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco. Without exception, all these works were busy in their recordings of history -- full of motion, people, drama and often figures from another world. I loved the way they all used their trade to record a bit of real or spiritual history so that future generations would be able to learn.

Most of you know by now that all my paintings come with a story. I love to record and share with you what had been thinking before and during the creative process. I daresay, though, that the story (or stories) that go along with 'Amanda's Rainbow' is altogether different and more significant in a very tangible way.

It felt as though there was a need for me to do what you might call a history painting after our participation in the Yachats Peace Hike 2015. Although it is small (14"x18"), I maintain that it does represent what took place along Amanda's trail in Oregon on the first day of January. And it is my proof of the magical serendipity that Bob and I continue to experience whenever we visit Yachats and the extraordinary people that live there whom we now call 'friends'.

There are many, many stories that are incorporated into 'Amanda's Rainbow', which I would love to describe to you, but to do that well I would need to write a book.

You may be able to find Mary-Beth Nickle in my painting -- the other flute player shown on the right hand side. I had the pleasure of doing the entire out-and-back hike with her, which she completed barefoot in spite of the freezing cold. On her drive home after the Peace Hike, Mary-Beth was inspired. She pulled off the road to write down new flute music which she anticipated would accompany my planned Amanda Rainbow painting. I have not heard it yet, but when I do, I will be sure to link it to the painting somehow and share it with you.

Be well always,

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