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A Change is Gonna Come

A Change Is Gonna Come

Friends –
January 20, Presidential Inauguration Day, 2021. I could not take my eyes of the PBS Newshour broadcast of the event, apart from glancing at social media feed to read my friends' comments. The ceremony moved me to tears at various times while relief, hope, and joy filled my heart. Nobody needs me to remind them of why that was the case.

Social media showed me that several of my artist friends were creating Inauguration paintings as they were happening…. like Plein Air through the lens of a television recording the miraculous moments. I admired them for being so quick and spot on, but my own expression took a bit longer. However, that same afternoon of January 20 I went up to my Lopez Island Art Studio and started putting emotion on canvas. It took a few days to complete "A Change Is Gonna Come" but now it is done. The painting, that is. The real work to help the world remains.

Be strong.