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White Out conditions

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White Out Conditions

Friends -
It is a bit surprising that over the last 9 days, two of them included heavy snow storms with white-out conditions here in Placerville. I was lucky that when the first of these storms arrived, I had taken the day off. It was not supposed to happen, but as I looked out my window in the early afternoon, the wind and rain began to have white fluffs mixed in. In short time, there was nothing by white coming down as thick as I have seen it here. I looked toward my neighbors' homes and could not make out where their rooftops ended and the windy, white sky began.

Then I looked to the back and was even more surprised to see a deer -- and maybe there were two -- standing near my art studio staring right at me. I guess the yellow glow from the house looked pretty tempting to any creature out there in the bitter and cold storm. Even though everything else was blizzardy white, I could see his gentle eyes as clear as little beacons. They were not afraid, as if to say to me that, although it looked bad, everything was going to be just fine. I looked away for a moment and when I looked out again he was gone.

In the end, that storm was very good for me. It seemed to cleanse my heart, as if the snow, ice and scouring wind, washed all the bad stuff away.

Things are getting better.

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