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2019 Moab Red Rock Art Festival

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Shafer Morning Shafer Morning - Oil Painting

Jumpin' Juniper Jumpin' Juniper - Pastel

Monitor's Playground
Monitor's Playground - Pastel

Castle Glow
Castle Glow - Oil Painting

Friends –

I had a week of rest between painting at Escalante and doing the Red Rock Art Festival of Moab (RRAF). I felt restored during this past week and paintings were beginning to look like mine again.  Restoration included engaging my heart and mind to fall into this state described by Robert Henri: 

 "The object isn't to make art; it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable."

 The competitive air at these festivals can be a bit heavy, though, and at times this last week I had to remind myself about the concept behind Henri's words.  I felt able to get there for 3 out of 4 of these last few paintings. 

 The four paintings completed for the competition are attached to this email and are named, "Shafer Morning", "Monitor's Playground", "Jumpin' Juniper" and "Castle Glow".  Contrarily, 'Jumpin Juniper' was the painting that sold and is the one that I was NOT able to achieve that 'wonderful state'.  But I blame the heat and red ants trying to climb up my legs for that….!!!

 One of my goals was to practice painting 'atmosphere' and I think that progress was made.  What do you all think?

 The remaining three are available for your donation to a good non-profit of your choice.  I would like to suggest using a community college scholarship program in Oregon that is designated for students seeking asylum and a better life.