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2018 Moab Red Rock Art Festival

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Foggy Emergence
Foggy Emergence - Pastel

Rekindling the Furnace
Rekindling the Furnace - Pastel

Damping the Furnace
Damping the Furnace - Pastel

Nyella - Oil Painting

Friends –

Well this busiest of busy weeks is done. The Moab Red Rock Art Festival (which includes my paint out activity for new people and kids) came down successfully. I am fatigued and perhaps deflated a bit. But I remain content that my paintings submitted for the main event were strong and my Arches paint out was successful. Mostly, I am happy that my Art Extravaganza (especially for kids) – this time held during the street festival – resulted in many happy and proud young minds.

Attached are my main event paintings – one pastel (Foggy Emergence) and one oil (Nyella). Both were a fulfilling delight to paint. 'Foggy Emergence' was completed under the rafter's shelter at at Rocky Rapids, which offered a roof to avoid the frequent drizzle. I was delighted to watch the low clouds come and go which made the rock walls show themselves in new and different ways. As often as I had been there, I never noticed the hoodoo that only emerged because the fog decided to momentarily settle between it and the wall behind it. This one has been sold.

I painted 'Nyella' at the mouth of Granstaff Canyon on a rare day that week when it did not rain. I named that rock myself, as to the best of my knowledge she has never been christened. 'Nyella' is an Arabic name for a woman who is a caring person, a guardian and one who defends others. That seemed right to me. So next time you go down the river road and pass by Granstaff Canyon, pay homage to that magnificent woman who stands guard. And then, know that the canvas version is still available.

I also completed two paintings at Fiery Furnace during the one day paint out at Arches NP. Of course, the best places in the park were covered in clouds, which also included the Fiery Furnace. Nevertheless, I found a sweet spot at the overlook and painted one direction in the early morning and the other later that morning. The earliest was enshrouded in clouds, so it was named 'Damping the Furnace'. The other was painted when the sun was starting to come out and the colors were warming up, so I named it 'Rekindling the Furnace'. They are good little paintings and are still available. Let me know if you would like to see the jpegs of them.

Well, now it is time to clean up and get back to routine – whatever that really is!

Be well always,